Tequila y mezcal, ¡el matrimonio más mexicano!


Find with us more than 200 brands of artisanal, fair trade tequilas and mezcals, certified Kosher / organic and limited editions, in addition to our special selection of Premium quality Tequilas and Mezcales made with multi-award-winning wild agaves in international tasting and tasting competitions.

In Tequila ¡Por Favor! We do not look for big brands but "Great Quality" and we prefer direct contact with Master Producers.

Almost 60 years of experience places us today as the favorite liquor store for local customers and tourists.

In our boutique you can find the widest and most exclusive selection of the best mezcals and tequilas, cigars and tobacco in our cava-humidor, also gourmet chocolates and pure vanilla.

Don't forget to bring home the authentic Mexican flavor!




Immerse yourself in the world of agave! Participate with us in a professional tasting, learn how to taste a tequila or mezcal to discover and appreciate everything about the aromas and flavors of agave distillates.

Discover the ages of tequila, the different agaves with which mezcal can be made, learn to see, smell and taste. Live a sensory experience to discover the aromas and flavors of agave and the different organoleptic characteristics of tequila and / or mezcal and… Cheers!

Tequila has the endorsement and recommendation of the Tequila Regulatory Council, we are the second liquor store in the world to obtain the "Distinctive T".

Since 2008 we have a diploma of merit for knowing, respecting and spreading the culture of tequila and good drinking.






Tequila ¡Por favor! Zihuatanejo

Calle Cuauhtemoc No. 14
Col. Centro

Tel. (755) 55 4 27 25

Tequila ¡Por favor! Ixtapa

Centro Comercial La Puerta
Locales 8 y 17 Ixtapa Guerrero
Tel. (755) 55 3 11 55









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